Rajasthan’s first Butterfly Park is being developed in Amberi near Udaipur. The city would become the only one in the state to have both a Butterfly Park as well as a Bird Park . This will help in preservation and development of their different species and create interest and awareness about them in the common man. He will become more sensitive about them . Tourists will get another interesting spot to visit and see butterflies in their natural setting. This place that is conducive for butterflies has over fifty species.

Specialists are being consulted about the plants on which these butterflies lay eggs and the leaves of those pclants the caterpillars like to eat. Butterflies like common rose, crimson rose, lime , common grass yellow, small grass yellow etc and are seen here. Plants like orange, lemon, Madhumati creeper, Falsa etc are being grown . In different seasons different kinds of flowers would bloom.

In Rajasthan 114 types of butterflies are seen . Out of this over 100 species exist in Udaipur Division and 60 out of them can be seen in Amberi , near Udaipur .
One of the most beautiful butterflies seen in Rajasthan is Indian Jezeble . It is there only in this state .

Butterflies have great importance in human life . Their presence indicates good health of natural environment. They collect pollen grain that help in making flowers from seeds . Butterfly is an important link of local fertilizer cycle . By eating them many creatures like birds , lizards etc survive . They play an important role in maintaining biodiversity and in development of crops.
Butterflies usually move about during day time . When it sits , it folds its front wings below the hind ones or all the wings are raised together . It’s antenna are like Mugdar and are thick with rounded ends.

The number of butterflies and species indicate the health of the environment around them. They help in pollination that boosts their number. It is in keeping with the species of butterflies that the plants that are suitable as food for larva and the juice suitable for the adults , are grown. Local vegetation and forest should be developed in the light of their protection. They are an important link in food chain in the local environment.

The life of a butterfly can be divided into four stages – egg, larva, pupa and adult.
Mottled Emigrant butterfly gets it’s name from its flecked or mottled appearance of the underside of its wings. It has a wingspan of 50 – 70 mms. The colour varies from Chalky white to g reen with distinguished silver spots in the centre .They can be found migrating in big swarms .

They are the favoured food plants of the caterpillars.

Plain Tiger is the is one of the most common butterflies .
The male is smaller than the female and has a scented pouch in the centre of the hind wings . It imbibes unpalatable alkaloids from the host plants like Rui at the caterpillar stage. So Birds generally avoid this bad tasting butterfly . It is mimicked by Donald Eggfly. At first the caterpillar is yellowish with black bands and later becomes dark chocolate brown with alternate white and yellow bands.

Lime butterfly is very common and widely spread . It is seen in gardens , forests and open spaces. It is pest on citrus plants like orange. It can occasionally turn into serious pest causing considerable damage to the plants . It generally basks at a height of within one metre from the ground. The pale yellow marking turn into orange as it ages.
Common grass yellow butterfly is one of the common one seen in India. Both the sexes look like but the female is slightly larger in size and the male is brighter in colour. It is active through out the year and visits flowers and damp patches.

Lantana, Raimuniya is a dense shrub that grows and expands rapidly. It’s flowers are very attractive and evergreen.

Butterflies can be easily seen hovering over this plant and sucking the juice of its flowers joyfully.
About 60 species of butterflies have been seen doing so in South Rajasthan .Thus Lantana has special importance for butterflies .It is one of the best nectar plant for them .
As Lantana is a fast growing shrub , it results in danger for local shrubs in the vicinity to grow and for natural soil.

Butterflies multiply by putting their eggs on plants of certain local variety. Due to The rapid growth of Lantana , causes dearth of local plants that are hosts of larva and hamper their growth. We have to conserve local plants that are vehicles of biodiversity of a place .

Content courtesy : Mukesh Panwar