Situated near the famous Rajsamand Lake about sixty five km. from Udaipur is the highly revered temple of Dwarikadheesh,a sacred place for the Vaishnava sect.

The Chaturbhuj, four armed, deity of Lord Vishnu has a long history.After his appearance on the earth  Brahma did Tapa for a long time and then he had Darshan  of Chaturbhuj. Kadam Prajapati also had similar Darshan after doing Tapa on the bank of river Saraswati. Muni Kapil and Devahuti also mention the this form of Lord in their discourse about Bhakti yoga. It  is believed that Kapil Muni had his ashram at Bindu Sarovar Sidhpur Gujarat later on Amrish had the privilege of doing Seva of this form then Som Sharma worship this form in Abu Mount Abu than it was worshipped at Kannauj finally his favour was done by Acharya is related to Dwarkadhish Vallabh Shri give the Lalji Goswami install the Lord’s eidolon Kankroli it is said that Mewat sampraday was established by Mahaprabhu Vallabha Arya whose son Goswami vitthalnath setup 7 features of the Lord’s 7 forms the third one out of these is in Kankroli during the time of Goswami Girdhar ji the Maharana of Mewar visited Gokul and had the direction of Dwarkadhish the Maharana was greatly impressed by Giridhar ji and accepted him as his Guru he donated village asothar in my ward to this Mandir due to some problems in Gokul brijbhushan the adopted son of Girdhar ji shifted to Ahmedabad and set up the lord in Raipur Maula later on as requested by Maharana Raj Singh repeat was brought to a sotiya from Ahmedabad via Sadri a small Temple was built in this village when will it also there was flooded in vs 1756 The Lord three days under the neem tree on a hill near by a later on a normal Bangla was built at this spot after the completion of the Mandir in Kankroli in vs 1776 the lord was shifted to it the Kankroli Mandir was constructed during the reign of Maharana Raj Singh on the pattern of the mention of number Rajaji in Vrindavan the Pran Pratishtha was performed at the time of opening of the embankment of Rajsamand Lake. itrans very high among all the temples of pusti Marga sect it is a very soothing and quiet and Beans with a small garden that has a library that has a huge collection of all religious books among several other festivals Janmashtami is celebrated with great enthusiasm Shyam Darshan continuous still almost midnight then opens Janm Darshan with the 21 Gun salute and sounding of conc shelves Thali Madal and Nagada attractive Jha keys are also put up located close to Shrinathji Nathdwara the Mandir strong buy used number of devotees all through the year.