Just to the south of Udaipur city is a hillock traditionally named Chanchal Magara. The hillock that is 760 meters above main sea level is now popularly known as Machhla Magara in the local dialect and Matsya Shail in Sanskrit because of its fish-shaped appearance. It had strategic importance in view of the martial activities in the mediaeval period. Keeping in view the safety of the new capital of Mewar, Udaipur, Maharana Karansingh built a citadel on the hillock and named it Eklinggarh. It was used for storing all types of fire arms and explosive material away from the inhabitancy. By the time of Maharana Karansingh became the King of Mewar, fire arms and explosive weapons had been introduced in the army of Mewar and an artillery wing had been developed.

Some old fashioned guns were also kept at Eklinggarh. One of them was named Vajra Bhana and the other as Shatru Bhanjan. They were big and it was not easy to take them to the top of the citadel. It is said that these guns had a firing range of about 15 kms from Eklinggarh.

In State times, a gun was fired from Eklinggarh every day at noon and midnight. In those days there was a restriction that after midnight when the gun was fired no one was allowed to roam in the town without a light.

In the citadel a temple was erected and a beautiful idol of Kalikamata was installed. The temple is named Karnimata Mandir.