Golden Safari Park

Near Picchola Lake

Spread over 2 hectares and 5 Kms away from Udaipur is the Jungle Safari Park also known as Golden Park. Located near Lake Pichola, in Forest Block Banki, Sisarma, it used to be the favorite Shikargah of the erstwhile Mewar rulers. This is evident from the ‘Odhis’, shooting boxes. They have been maintained in their original form and red colour.

At sunset, it is another worldly experience to watch the golden sunrays colour the lake water with their crimson hue and the light reflected back to trees, palaces and ‘Chhatries’. Everything take on a golden look and that gives the park its name Golden Park. Keeping in view this name the park has a huge variety of plants of perennial golden yellow flowers.

The juliflora shrubs were cut down, new soil was spread and a whole new crop of plants of yellow golden flowers was planted. For the safety of the park, chainlink fencing was used.

Habitat of over 150 avian species, the park has both resident and migratory birds such as Green Munia, Robin, Indian Roller, Woodland bird and the rare Sand Grouse. In the cool morning, these birds and seven sisters that always live in groups can be seen in the park. And that is why entry to the park is free in the morning. People in large numbers especially bird lovers turn up to have the exhilarating experience of bird watching in serene ambience and listening to melodious chirping. In turn, curiosity to know more about the birds and a feeling to protect them is created.

There is no dearth of attraction for children that includes models of Dinosaur and their huge eggs, cement crocodiles in Kamal Lake, Python climbing up a tree, Chital and Panther in forest near the entry gate. Forest Department employees also provide information about habits of panthers etc.

From the viewpoints one can have a mesmerizing view of the azure lake and splendid palaces. A walk along the 4 kms long eco-trail takes one through natural dense vegetation and evergreen flower beds. There are twenty-five species of herbal plants and signages with their names and properties. The selfie zone is extremely safe. There are two huts and a polythene free cafe zone. The parks have also attractive ‘tabla’ shaped chairs.

Dense vegetation, huge variety of yellow golden flowers, long eco trails, ancient Odhis, various species of herbal medicinal plants, entertainment park, and proximity to Udaipur makes Golden Park a serene spot for everyone.           

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