Goram Ghat Near Udaipur

Located in Todgarh Raoli wildlife sanctuary, 136 kilometers from Udaipur, Goramghat the ‘Ghat’  section of 22 km long meter-gauge railway track in between Kamalighat and Fulad stations, linking Mewar and Marwar through Aravali Hills, has several attractions like the view of lush green valleys, verdant hills, rare flora, and fauna.
Due to the keen interest taken by the erstwhile rulers of the former Mewar state, the railway line was laid in the year 1934. The stupendous task was completed under the supervision of British engineer Iron H. William in a difficult terrain which has become a marvel of railway engineering. A full-day tour includes two rail journeys of the Ghat namely to Kamlighat and returning with a break of about 5 hours at Goramghat. So the tourists have ample time to enjoy the scenery.
Near Goramghat railway station where solar energy is used is the Goram Parbat peak that is 933 meters from the main sea level. Not far away is the beautiful Baba Ramdev Mandir at kerunda and Gorakhnath temple.
Goram Ghat
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The train passes through 2 tunnels that are one hundred years old and 172 small and big bridges over beautiful water streams . There is a Dip of 300 meters from Kamlighat to Fulad station. Between Goramghat and Kamlighat from Jhonk Ki Mandi that has a big waterfall the train moves in a U-turn form. There are 16 sharp curves along the Ghat section. When the train moves along small railway stations,  it reminds one of the days when two steam engines were used in place of one run by diesel these days.
Between Kamlighat and Phulad is a Jog Mandi waterfall where one can enjoy activities like birding,  Eco trekking, and nature photography. Not far away is Bheelberi waterfall at a height of 55 metre. Colonies of Long-billed vulture, an extremely rare species facing extinction, can be seen in this area. Visitors can also see langur,  sloth bear, fox, and several species of birds . Due to its eco faunal position, there is rich – biodiversity including herbal plants.
Goram Ghat
Image Source: The Guest Post
An excellent combination of pilgrimage, history, and nature the area is unique. Watching the clouds kissing the verdant hills, visitors in this area especially during monsoon feel as if they are in a hill station.

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