One sees the small lake, Goverdhan Sagar, as one enters Udaipur city from Ahmedabad road. Located in the middle part of the town Goverdhan Vilas it is a small part of Pichhola lake. A beautiful Paal and garden have been developed on its bank. In the middle of the lake a ship-shaped island of area of 800 sq.feet has been developed. On the ground floor of this about 36 ft. high three-storey building the life history of Panna Dhai has been depicted through lively Jhankis. A short film about her is also screened here. Pannadhai had sacrified her son Chandan to save the life of prince Udai Singh who later on founded Udaipur city. The history of Mewar would have been quite different if Panna had not saved Udai Singh. Lighting at night makes the lake more attractive.

PUROHITON KA TALAB located between two hills, Amberi and Chirwa, twelve kms away in the Ishan Kon is Purohiton ka Talab. It was built in 17th century. The construction was done by with that of Rajsamand Bade Purohit Garibdaas. Village Amberi was given to him by the Maharana in charity. The lake is in Amberi Panchayat Samiti, Urban Improvement Trust, Udaipur and Forest Deptt. got it renovated in 2014-2015 and Chhatris were built. This picturesque lake has beautiful carved marble elephants on the embankment. Nearby, is the Mewar Biodiversity Park, where one can see a big variety of flora and fauna while trekking. It has become a popular tourist destination.

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