In one part of city palace is located Govt. Archeology Museum. It has a big collection of materials related to history and archeology. There are statues, inscriptions etc obtained from places of ancient importance of Mewar. It has the Shiv Mastak obtained from Kalyanpur that was exhibited in foreign countries during Bharat Mahotsava. It has invaluable things related to Indian culture procured from several places like Shivswarup of 18th century from Kalyanpur, Aindri from Nagda, Vinayak carved on a rock from Jawar, Aindri from Jagat and Jain Kuber idol from Baansi. So also Harivishnu Pitamah, Chandark Harihar Vishnu, Songhat like Surya single and dual statues. Also on display here are Upabhilekh of Nandsa, Kumbhalgarh Prashti, Chaluka Kumarpal Prashti obtained from Chittor etc. Statues of Vishnu and different forms of Devi deserve special mention.

Similarly several objects made of elephant tusk and wood have also been displayed. There are samples of Pagris, Saafe and other headware used in different states of the country. Also collected have been old coins, lively photographs of Maharanas of Udaipur, jewel studded swords, Barchhe-Kunt, Katars, and dresses and costumes etc. The historic Pagdi that was received in enchange as a symbol of friendship between Prince Khurram and evstwhile Maharana Karansingh in 17th century is also on display here.