Located near Delhigate, Hajareshwar Mandir, can be approached from Court Chauraha, M.B. Hospital road and the two gates in Hajareshwar Colony.

The Mandir has a long history. It is said that it is over 300 years old. There lived in Udaipur a Bhrahmin Pandit Gangadhar Bhatt who was a great scholar of Vedas, Upanishads and Jyotish. So students from far and near used to come to him. Among them was Govind Rao from Maharashtra. Before leaving Udaipur when his education was complete, he got built this temple and offered it and the surrounding land as Gurudakshina. The present Mahant is a descendant of Govind Rao.

One reaches the Sabhamandap after climbing five steps. In the middle of the Mandap is a Nandi made of marble that is four feet long and three feet high. On its neck are many carvings and below it is a garland of Ghunghurs. On the pillar below the neck are engraved Surkanyas in dancing posture. The Grihgarbh that is being renovated has twelve pillars. In the middle is the north facing Lingam that is three feet high from the floor. On it are carved hundreds of Lingams. The Lingam is surrounded on all the four sides by fangs of a serpent that are fully spread. This white marble Lingam has Jata Mukat.

During the month of Sawan, it is considered to be highly auspicious to make the desired number of small Lingams with sand and after their Puja immerse them in flowing water. The Lingam in Hajareshwar Mandir is unique as it provides an opportunity to worship numerous Lingams simultaneously.

Behind the Lingam there are idols of four-armed Vishnu, Ganesh, Laxmi and Surya. In a shelf in the wall in the front is an idol of Parvati.  All these idols are made of white marble.

Artisans of Sompura who are highly proficient in temple architecture and have also deep knowledge of Vastushastra are busy renovating the Mandir to make it an exquisite piece of architecture.

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