Located near Saira at the foot of the second highest Aravali hills is Jargaji. It is said that once a pregnant lady insisted on making the tedious journey up to Jargaji. When she came near Saira she was exhausted and fell down. Other devotees who were present there talked about this incident. Those days Jargaji was doing Tapasya there. When he learnt about this problem he decided to  a new place as it was not easy to go up the hill.

It is said that Jargaji, a main disciple of Ramdeoji served him by looking after his horse. Once both of them were travelling together. Late in the night Ramdeoji left for another place asking his disciple to stay there with his horse. Incidentally, when the Guru reached the other place he forgot that Jargaji was waiting for him. When he remembered this and returned there he found that both of them had turned into dry trees. He brought them back to life and asked him to ask for a boon. The disciple said that his name should also be remembered with that of his Guru. Ramdeoji replied that a fair would be held there every year and it would be called Jargaji Mela.

It is said that Jargaji was a contemporary of Maharana Mokal. As the Maharana had no issues, several remedies were tried but in vain. Then he was advised to go to Jargaji and seek his blessings. When he went there with the Maharani, the saint blessed them and presented a Kumbh, a Kalash, and a coconut. It is said that as a result the Maharani gave birth to a son who was named Kumbha after the Kumbh given to her by the saint.

It is said that at Jargaji a micacle happens at midnight on Shivaratri. The Kotwal of Jargaji a Meghwal, makes preparations for the mysterious event. He brings a stand on which a Kalash is put. Accompanied by a large number of devotees the Kotwal reaches the place with the beating of Dhols and Baaja. The Kotwal stands inside the 4-5 ft deep tank and cleans it while the place reverberates with sounds of Gangamata ki Jai and Jargaji ki Jai. The Pooja is performed with offering of Kumkum, flowers etc. Suddenly Gangaji appears. The tank is full of water and the Pooja Samagri floats on the surface of the water. The Kotwal takes out water and fills nine Kalash.

Then fire is lit under a pot filled with water and nine types of cereals like wheat, barley, gram, urad and moong are boiled in the pot. Then the cereals are distributed as Prasad. The devotees test them to find how soft a cereal becomes. The softer a cereal becomes the better is likely to be its crop in the next season.

The miracles performed by Jargaji through his Tapasya include the appearance of river Ganga that has made Jargaji a place full of greenery where a big variety of herbal plants flourish and the other one is that once the young one of Chhali, goat, instantly changed into a big full grown goat.

The religious importance, the serene ambience and the verdant woods make Jargaji a place worth a visit.