In different parts of Udaipur, there are several mosques where Muslims go to offer prayers on Fridays and festivals. Some of them are known for their architectural and sculptural beauty. There is one located in the corner between the roads that lead to Hathipol and Swaroopsagar. It is said that at one time this was the place where Bheem and Swarup Paltan had their centre. And this is why it was called Paltan ki Masjid. It used to be called Eidgah as during State time, Namaj was performed here in a grand manner when the Shaharkaji would arrive here with fanfare.

The Maharana would send a decorated horse to take him to this place. This practice stopped after Independence. A Madarsa is also run here. There is Nishtagah to provide enough space for worshippers. On a board is written Alah, open the door of mercy and grace for me. Sometimes, Muslims from foreign countries visiting Udaipur also come here to offer prayers. There is a Kabristan behind the mosque.

The Jama Masjid located in Chamanpura in the city is also old. It is big and beautiful and is considered to be a highly sacred place. The Shaharkaji comes here on all the Fridays to offer prayer. Nearby there are three mosques in Silawatwadi that are known as Upar ki Beechli and Hathipol ki Masjid. The mosque in Mahawatwadi, Kallesat Panduwadi and Naga Nagri have their own significance.

With the expansion of the city, mosques were also built in Savinakhera and Mallatalai. While Kaji ki Masjid in Kanjiwada, Darkhan ki Masjid and Anjuman Masjid in  Mukherjee Chowk have their own importance. Makers of Chhalas for Pagris built a mosque in Bada Bazar and it is known as Chhale ki Masjid. There is also Mewafaroshan Masjid in Chokle. Also important are mosques in Dholi Baori and Khanjipeer. In Surajpol, Mukarbe ki Masjid was built by Muslims who came from Sindh for the safety of Mewar. The mosque in Rehmania colony with its high Minars is clearly visible from Ashok Nagar main road. The lights filtered through coloured glases spreads outside to make an attractive scene. Another attractive old mosque is there in Alipura. There are other mosques near old city station in Lohar Colony in Ayad, Rangrejon ki Masjid, Pahada, Ambavgarh and outside Brahmpol.

Every mosque has its own committee that looks after its renovation and management.