A temple that impresses one at the first sight, is the Narmedeshwar Mahadev Mandir located in the northeast outside Delhigate.

There used be a big open space outside Delhigate in the time of Maharana Jagatsingh who got started the building of this temple in V. S. 1623. It was completed in V.S. 1625.

It is believed that this temple is older than Jagadheesh Mandir and is the small form of the latter. First of all this temple was built and then its bigger form the Jagadheesh Mandir.

It is said that Maharana Jagatsingh got it built to test the skill of the architects.  And only when he was fully satisfied with the quality of their work, they were asked to build Jagannath Mandir. In no way, is this temple inferior to Jagannath Mandir.

It is also said that one Joshi used to work in the mint where coins were made. So impressed was Maharana Jagatsingh by his work and personality that he asked him to ask for a boon. The Joshi asked him to build a Shiva temple that would make people remember the former in the future. As a result was built this exquisite temple.

One has to climb seven steps to reach the courtyard of the temple. Another three steps take one to the Toran that is twelve feet high. On the pillars of the Toran are geometrical designs. On the corners of the upper parts of the pillars are carved heads of elephants. To reach the main temple there are four steps on either side of which are Chabutras. The Pravesh Chouki is supported by four pillars on which are engraved Sundaris. In the space between Sabhamandap and Garbhgrih, there are shelves in one of which is an idol of Ganesh and in another that of Bhairav. In the middle of the Garbhgrih is a black stone Lingam. There is a white stone Mukhalinga and behind it in a shelf is parvatiji. In V.S. 2048 the present Mukhaling was established here and the older Shivlingm was shifted to the east of the Sabhamandap and it is also worshipped. On the outer walls of Sabhamandap are engraved idols of Sadhus, Gopis, Krishna and warriors. Some Suesundaris have musical instruments like Ektara, Sitar, Dholak, and Bansuri in their hands. On another part of the wall are engraved Surya, Shiv, Indra, Yam, Parvati, Ganesh, Kuber etc.

With its unique attractive Torandwar, Sabhamandap on a high level and Shikhar the temple attracts one’s attention at first sight.