Neemach Mata Mandir

Located near the northern bank of fatehsagar atop a steep high hill is the highly revered temple of Neemach Mata. Neemach Mata means born out of ‘neem tree’. As there were large numbers of neem trees on the hill the mata got her name ‘Neemaj Mata’. Some other Devi’s also got their names from other plants in the same way- Peeplaj Mata fro, ‘peepal’, Aamaj Mata from ‘aam’ and Hingla Mata from ‘hingulu’. At the front of the hill, near the canal is the temple of Khemaj Mata. The priest of Neemaj Mata is a Gameti from village Dewali.

In the Bharatgatha sung by the Bhil community, it is mentioned this Devi brought the “neem” tree from the garden of Raja Vasuki to the Earth. It is believed that wherever there is a ‘neem’ tree, people do not suffer from skin diseases. No wonder, in the villages in Mewar there are temples of the Devi under ‘neem’ trees. In village Molela sand idols of the Devi are made.‘However, in this temple in Udaipur, is worshipped, ‘anghad’ idol of the Devi covered with ‘sindoor’. The Kayasth community worships Shakambari Devi as a kuldevi,Neemaj Mata is considered to be her another form.

neemach mata mandir
image source: holidify

Earlier this temple stood near Dewali Talab. But when in 1888, this Talab was extended in the form Of Fatehsagar, the temple was shifted to the hilltop. On the completion of the dam, Maharana Fatehsingh came to see it on Hariyali Amavasya, People were asked to hold a fair, and shopkeepers were given provision from the royal store to set up shops. “Accompanied by Maharani Chawdi, the Maharana climbed up the hill to have the Devi’s ‘darshan’. To fulfill the wish of the Maharani, the fair was extended to two days and the second day was reserved only for ladies so that they could enjoy themselves fully and freely.

In the east-facing, temple there are two lions, the Devi’s vehicle and a ‘trishool’. At the back is a ‘dhuni’.

 The path to the temple was uneven. About thirty-five years ago, on the insistence of his relations, Swami Tatvabodh built 576 steps at the cost of about five lac.

For years together, well known social worker Dr. R.K.Agarwal used to have the Mata’s ‘darshan’ every morning. He formed Neemach Mata Mandir Diwali Samiti and got built a ramp and water tank, laid down a pipeline, and put up lights, plantation at large scale was also done.

neemach mata mandir
image source: udaipur

The Mandir that provides a mesmerizing view of the lakes, hills, and the city attracts a huge number of devotees.

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