A new museum that showcases the glory of India, especially Mewar, in various ways, Pratap Gaurav Kendra is located at Manoharpura near Badgaon in Udaipur. In this Rashtriya Tirth that was inaugurated in November 2016 is on display the inspiring history of great persons like Maharana Pratap.

One main attraction of the museum is the world’s  largest 57 feet tall metal statue of Maharana Pratap that weighs 40,000 kg and is in a sitting posture. It is seated on the top of a high hillock in front of the museum from where one can have a panoramic view of the museum and the surrounding area. Five hundred workers from different parts of the country took two years to complete the statue. It was built by putting together 1200 pieces. The idol has been made in the Raj Sanyasi posture as Maharana Pratap took a vow that he would live in the forest till Mewar became free.

The Bharat Mata Mandir has a twelve feet high metal statue of Bharat Mata and a meditation hall. The aim is to instill the feeling of love for the Motherland.

In the Haldighati Vijai Yudh Dirgha are shown important scenes of the historic battle with the help of models and running commentary to make the event come alive. Over a dozen scenes include Pratap discussing the strategy with his Sardars, Pratap entering the Haldighati pass with soldiers, Pratap’s  army  attacking the Mughal soldiers, the Mughal army stopping to run as it is told that Akbar himself had arrived, fierce fight between the armies, fight between elephant riders, killing of Behram Khan, attack on Mansingh, valour of Jhala Maansingh,  Mughal soldiers refusing to more forward, the dying Chetak, the Mughal army in Gogunda and Mansingh and Asaf Khan being punished in Ajmer.

Mewar Sfoorti Robotic show, the first of its kind in India, provides live presentation of Mewar history with light and sound show in a short time. This Dirgha underlines the sacrifice of Pannadhai, intense devotion of Meera Bai, Jauhar by 16000 women led by Maharani Padmini and scenes depicting Bappa Rawal, Maharana Rajsingh and others.

Mewar Ratna Dirgha introduces one to thirty heroes of Mewar. Introduction is given in Hindi as well as English. The heroes include warriors, saints freedom fighters and folk gods.

Pratap Exhibition Dirgha has eight exquisite paintings related to Pratap’s life. Description is given in Hindi and English. The painting of Pratap by noted painter Raja Ravi Verma is also there.

In Rajasthani Gaurav Dirgha there are twentyfour life size statues of heroes of Rajasthan with detailed information about them.

In Bhakti Dham one will have Darshan of the main gods and goddesses of Mewar such as Eklingnathji, Shrinathji, Kesariyaji, Charbhujaji, Sanwaliaji, Dwarkadheesh, Ganeshji Chamunda Mata and Ram Durbar. The 3.25 ft tall idols are replica of the original ones. The style of the temples is like the original one namely Shrinathji’s temple in Haveli style. The idols were made in Talwada, Banswara.  The Seva is also performed in the traditional style.

The Kumbha auditorium can accomadate 500 persons.

Visitors can enjoy boating in pedal boats in Pratap Sarovar.

For getting a glimpse of the valour and spiritual heritage of Mewar, Pratap Gaurav Kendra is the right place to visit.