The huge expansive waterbody Rajsamand lake in Rajsamand district created by Maharana Rajsingh is well known not only due to its historic importance but also for having the world’s longest Sanskrit epic Rajprashasti engraved on the stone slabs on its bank.

Different reasons are given for the construction of the lake by Maharana Rajsingh. According to Raj Prashasti, he got the inspiration in a dream to build the dam. He did so to provide relief to the public during a famine. It is also said that he built the lake as he had to stay here for three days due to the flooded Gomti river when he was going to Jaisalmer for marriage. According to another version , the Maharana in a burst of defiance built the dam after he married a Rajput Princess from Kishangarh despite knowing that Auranzeb too had proposed marriage to her.

Raj Prashasti Maha Kavya that has 1105 Sanskrit Shlokas and two Sorthas in Dingal language is divided into twentyfive Sargas, sections. Each Sarga is inscribed on one black stone slab. The epic was composed by Pandit Ranchod Bhatt Madhusudan. Pandit Ranchod was a Brahmin scholar of Valinadu Telang tradition of Andhra Pradesh. He was related to Goswami Pariavar of Vallabh Sampradaya. He was a reputed poet in the court of Maharana Rajsingh. The epic is considered to be one of the most authentic and dated histories of the Mewar royals and Guhil Rajvansh. It narrates the minutest details of rulers from the 7th to 17th century. It is an important source of social, political and cultural history of Mewar. The epic has Manglacharan, introduction of the poet, description of Maharanas of Udaipur, mention of Guhil and Sisodia clans, battle of Haldighati, praise of Jagatsingh father of Rajsingh, relation of Mewar with Aurangzeb, Jaisalmer visit, the arrival of  Prabhu Dwarkadheesh, construction of Rajsamand on the basis of   Shilpashastra, boating, Vapi  Mahotsava, Tiladan with Rani Sadakunwar, Rajyabhishek, different  victories, expenses on the construction of the lake, passing away of Rajsingh and such events.

Besides Mewar, the inscriptions also have details of the royals of Jaipur, Bikaner, Bandhavgarh and Sironj, ( Madhya Pradesh ) Brijbhoomi ( U.P.) Pratapgarh, Banswara and Dungarpur.

The big lake with exquisitely carved Raj Prashasti and several other artistically, engraved scenes and water sports facilities has become a popular spot for visitors.

( Source : Tarun Dadich and Narayanlal Sharma )