Rakhdi I is a favourite ornament of Mewari Women. After hair make up, it is put in the Middle of the forehead. No Wonder, it adds to the beauty of the face. It is considered to be given of Suhag, happy and long Married life, and prosperity. It was warn even in ancient time. This has been proved by the idol of a women wearing it found in excavation at Madhyamika, that is now known as Nagri near Bassi in Chittorgarh district. This idol of Before Christ era is now on display in Govt. Museum, Ajmer.

Earlier, the front part of Rakhdi used to be studded with jewels but now they been replaced by artificial stones. It is made  of gold that is considered to be auspicious. its weight of gold in it varies from three grams to two Tolns.  So the cost ranges from thousands to lacs of rupees.

As it is an expensive ornament, it is worn only on special occasions like visiting relations and at the time when a girl leaves her home after marriage. The bride wears it at the time of her marriage. When it is not offered by her in-laws, it is sent by her parents at the time of Bhaat. Rakhdi is also offered to gods and goddess. when the wish of the devotees is fulfilled.

In one folk song, the beloved asks her lover to bring Rakhdi and meet her in the garden. When a brother hesitates to go to the marriage of his sister without a Rakhdi, his wife offers him her own Rakhdi and asks him to attend the marriage to maintain their prestige in the society. In another folk song, a sisters invites her brother to bring her a Rakhdi on the occasion of her marriage.

Rakhdi is not only. favourite ornament but also a must on auspicious occasions.