Well known for its stunning natural ambiance and exquisite architectural beauty, Sahelion Ki Bari is one of the most favorite spot of tourists both inland and foreign.

The beautiful garden was originally built by Maharana SangramSingh Second between V.S. 1710 and 1734 for the recreation of girls sent to him as a gift by Mughal Emperor. These guests stayed in this place away from the royal palace throughout their life After their death, they were cremated at Doodh Talai where their graves exist. These girls were interested in the game of polo and the paintings of their playing polo are still available. A mention of one of them namely princess Dor is found. She was provided all the facilities of a state guest throughout her life. It is really commendable that at a time when other rulers of Rajasthan let their daughters marry the Mughals, it was Mewar Maharana who honored the ladies of Mughal harem as a princess.  The ornamental garden was originally built as a relaxing area for royal ladies who come here for a stroll.   

It is also said that the Bari was built for a group of forty-eight young women attendants who accompanied a princess of Udaipur as an apart of her dowry. During the famine to provide relief to the public, Maharana JagatSingh Second got additional construction done in Sahelion Ki Bari. The Girdhar Gopal Mandir in the premises was also renovated and its ‘Pratishtha Utsava’ was celebrated in 1795, when due to floods the Dewal; Talai dam was washed away and the Bari was also damaged. The dam was rebuilt by Maharana Fateh Singh who also got the Bari renovated and extended by amalgamating other Bari’s in the area. In the inner part of the Bari was built a beautiful palace that has several rooms for the queens and their maids. There are exquisite paintings and inlaid glasswork. The Mahal has a big chowk with a big ‘hauz’. In this Bari the scene of the fountains is more attractive than even of those in the Taj Mahal. On all the four sides of the ‘hauz’ there are lines of fountains that throw water in hundreds of streams that create a mesmerizing scene. Water comes out of the beaks of different kinds of birds perched on the of the edge of the Chhatri in the middle of the ‘hauz’. It looks like a waterfall. These fountains are fed by water from Fateh Sagar lake gushing through ducts made for the purpose. Each water channel has its distinct sound and the mingling of these sounds complements the ambiance of the place. All this creates a scene that makes one feel that it is raining.

sahelion ki bari
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In the outer part of the Bari there is a huge egg-shaped pond. In its middle is a fountain and in front are four elephants made of a single stone. When the big fountain starts working hundreds of thick streams of water come out of the trunks of the elephants. It seems as if it is raining. The drops of water falling on the lotus leaves look like pearls. The whole ambiance is simply stunning. The Bari is also aptly called the Garden of Fountains.

All over the garden are flower beds and lawns protected by a series of walls and shad trees, spacious and well-maintained lawns that look like green velvet are beautified by blooming flowers and the setting of huge groves of trees, present a spectacular sight. There is a huge variety of roses and other flowers like Chameli, Raatrani, Gainda, Gulmehandi, Mogra, and Surajmukhi, and fruit trees like Jamun, Khajooor, Amrud, etc.

Associated with the Bari is a historic event. The famous historian of Rajputana Col. James Tod was staying here before he left for England. When Maharana Bheem Singh came here to bid farewell to his esteemed guest, both of them were also overwhelmed that they were in tears.

Maharaj Kumar Bhupal Singh was married to Princess Virad Kunwar daughter of Achrol Thakur Kesar Singh in 1911. As on the day, the newly wedded couple returned to Udaipur it was not auspicious time to enter the royal palace they with the Baarat had to stay in the Bari. for a night.

The stunning and romantic view of the Bari, has made it a favorite spot for shooting several films both Indian and foreign. During the two-day Hariyali Amavasya Mela in Udaipur, the Badi attracts a huge number of visitors from Udaipur and neighboring places.

sahelion ki bari
image source: udaipur tourism

The bird fountains, water pools, marble elephants, and verdant lawns make the Bar a crowded site for all kinds of visitors all through the year.    

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