On the northern side of Fatehsagar on an island is located a solar observatory. It was established by Vedanta Trust, Ahmedabad in 1975. Since 1981 it has been managed by Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad that is under Space Deptt. of Govt. of India.

It has been designed on the model of solar observatory in Big Bear Lake, California and is among two or three solar observatories that are built on an island. As it is surrounded on all sides by water, it offers a perfect atmosphere for solar observation. The water of the lake takes more time to be heated by sun rays. So the air on the surface of the water is comparatively cooler. It is heavier and does not move higher and becomes stable without much turbulence. And as a result the images of the sun are clearer and of a high quality. Another advantage is that as it is surrounded by verdant hills on all the sides, there is less dust in the air and this helps in getting better pictures. One more plus point is that the observatory is located in an area that gets maximum exposure to the sun.

Equipped with the most modern telescopes and other equipments, this observatory is capable of keeping a close constant watch on the changes taking place on the surface of the sun and the environs. With the help of the analysis of this data on computers, scientists come to know about harmful radiation and its effect on human beings. All this information is shared also with other countries.

The observatory has taken up several research projects and reports have been published in international journals. A large number of researchers visit this observatory and also use its rich library. It also attracts researchers from all over the world on the occasion of eclipses. A new building on the bank of the lake has a big lab., library and conference hall.

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