On the Udaipur-Nathdwara road in front of Railway Zonal Training School is Sukhadia Circle dedicated to former Rajasthan Chief Minister, Mohan Lal Sukhadia whose statue stands on a high pedestal in a small garden across the road.

There is a circular water pond. In its centre is a white stone fountain of five layers one over the other. At the top of this at a height of 42 ft. there is a structure of wheat-eatr motif. The water rushing up from this structure is a sight worth seeing. Boating in bizarre duck-shaped pedal boats is highly enjoyable. A large number of small and big trees add to the beauty of the place that is enhanced further by the light of the florescence bulbs. Lit by moonlight at night the Circle is worth watching. Nearby, the food court with a huge variety of eatables is a favorite place for foodies.

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