Vintage Collection of Classic Car Museum Udaipur

Udaipur city can rightly boast of having quite a few museums with characteristics of their own.In them are on display royal culture of Mewar, panorama of Mewar’s folk culture, ancient civilization and culture, tribal culture and the like. However, one that is lesser known is the vintage collection of Classic Car Museum set up by connoisseur of vintage car, Shriji Arvind Singh ji  Mewar on 15th February 2000. It was inaugurated by Lord Montague, founder of National Motor Museum of England. It is located on the venue that used to be the motor garage of Mewar state near the famous Gulab Bagh. The collection within the grounds of the Garden Hotel comprises a variety of about 20 classic and interesting rare vehicles.Some of them are stately and vintage while the others sleek and fast. There are Cadalec, Chevolet and Morai’s etc. Vintage cars. All the models are of the early years of 19th century .There are three categories. The first one is of those of earlier than 1940, the second one of those between 1941 and 1960 and the third one of those between 1961 and 1970. One of the the oldest car is Rolls Royce made in 1924.

It was during the first World War that the royal families of India began to acquire cars from abroad. This business was started first of all by General Motors in 1927.

All the cars in the museum are in good condition and can run on the road. Many of them have won several awards.

The petrol pump of Shell Company located in the museum premises is also a big attraction. The museum has also been a venue of film shootings.

There is an interesting story about one such vintage car viz Humber that belonged to Maharana Bhupal Singh. Once the Maharana asked advocate Kesar Singh Hiran to plead the case of Sardargarh Rao who was very close to the former. After winning the case Hiran asked for this car as his fees.The car now owned by the grandson of Hiran can be seen running on the road.

According to some travel agents who provide vintage cars on rent, such cars are in great demand in the marriage season .The rent varies from twenty to twenty five thousand. They are used in reception of guests,entry  of the bride and groom ,pre-wedding shoot ,fashion shoot etc.These days tourists and localities also like to ride in vintage cars .When the demand exceeds supply ,they are procured from Delhi.

No wonder this unique museum attracts a large number of visitors.